Are you looking for good Urdu nursery rhymes for your kids? Urdu Nursery Rhymes is a great fun way to teach young children Urdu.

All rhymes are sung by a young kid, this is to keep the kids involved and provide them the sense that they are singing along with another kid. Tested with kids aged 2 - 5 with fantastic results!

Designed by parents for kids keeping in mind the kid’s psychology!


  • • Abbu Laya Motor Car
  • • Eik Tha titar eik batair
  • • Chirya Gher
  • • Murghi aur Chirya
  • • Assalam-O-Elaikum
  • • Bulbul ka Bacha


  • • Simply animated graphics
  • • Preference for Kid voice or Adult Voice
  • • Easy and Kid's Friendly Interface

Fun for all ages! Enjoy the app and introduce your family and friends to it too.